Anyang Dimei Dental Material Company is founded in 1993 and developed rapidlyfor the purpose of “ Synchronizing with the world advanced technology development”, committed to dental material development and production. We take ZHONGYUAN oral career development on ourselves. Main products: HRA and PPMA acrylic resin teeth, diamond dental burs and dental wax. Products are mainly sold to all over the country and southeast Asian countries, well received by users.
  Since DIMEI founded,we carry out“not only to provide customers high quality products,but also to provide customers with professional services marketing policies”take the road of professional technical service. Complete products, professional services, make sales rising year by year. Company has established the good direct sales and service network, there are a large number of sincere cooperation clients.The company's products develop in the direction of industrial standardization production, research and development on its own innovation ability, improving product quality, market has been expanded from central China gradually throughout the country. Dimei brand recognized by dental industry delegates, make shares expanded gradually,has a bright future.

 High-quality staff, pragmatic style of work, strict and orderly modern management system, quality and efficient service, good corporate image, outside the domestic scientific research institutions and manufacturers’ join and cooperation, all laid a solid foundation to the development of DIMEI. With China’s accession to WTO, national standard management order and the implementation of ISO certificate, DIMEI ushered new development opportunity. Grasp the opportunity, meet challenge, DIMEI will create new brilliance!

河南省安阳迪美免费领qq红包100元|免费材料厂 Anyang Dimei Dental Material Factory
河南省安阳迪美免费领qq红包100元|免费材料厂 Anyang Dimei Dental Material Factory
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